Price Information of Jinxiang Garlic on May 19th
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Price Information of Jinxiang Garlic on May 19th

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Price Information of Jinxiang Garlic on May 19th

Outside the warehouse, Jinxiang market, the amount of goods is general, the supply of goods for sale is mainly based on local space garlic and a small amount of hybrid garlic, 

there are about 70 cars of fresh garlic, the merchants are generally interested in selling goods, the asking price insists, and the market is mainly to send the domestic market, individual merchants have storage needs, the sale is concentrated in the dry degree better mixed grade, the price difference is not big, 

The reference price of early mature hybrid fresh garlic is 4.40-5.20 yuan/kg, 

the reference price of early mature space fresh garlic is 6.40-7.00 yuan/kg, 

and the price of semi-dry space garlic is 7.60-8.60 yuan/kg. The price is priced by dry degree, and the price fluctuated little. 

Cold storage garlic trading heat turned light, with the digging of new garlic outside the warehouse, the merchants have been transferred to the purchase of new garlic, the warehouse garlic trading is not warm, in addition to a small amount of market merchants to buy, roasted goods dealers sporadic intervention, trading volume is not large, 

the price of garlic rice in the warehouse is 6.90-7.10 yuan/kg, 

the general price of mixed grade is 7.10-7.30 yuan/kg, 

Good mixed grade price in 7.30-7.60 yuan/kg.


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