Price Information of Jinxiang Garlic on July. 26th
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Price Information of Jinxiang Garlic on July. 26th

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Price Information of Jinxiang Garlic on July 26th

Jinxiang production area, the overall quantity of garlic outside the library is more, and the popularity continues to be low,

There are more than 70 cars in the fish Mountain market, the flow of goods in the South outer ring road has increased, and there are more than 100 cars in the peak period, the vendors have improved their enthusiasm to sell goods, some of them show initiative, and the demand atmosphere is not good.

Merchants have postponed the performance, the purchase of merchants along the road reduced than yesterday, the purchasing and selling atmosphere in the production area was dull, the price and market were weak, and there were about three or four points of correction.

The price of large mixed grade outside the library is 8.10-8.80 yuan/kg,

The general mixed price is 7.16-7.36 yuan/kg,

Garlic rice material price in 5.52-6.12 yuan/kg,

The price of white garlic is 7.20-8.30 yuan/kg.


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