Price Information of Jinxiang Garlic on Jan.22nd 2024
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Price Information of Jinxiang Garlic on Jan.22nd 2024

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Price Information of Jinxiang Garlic on Jan.22nd

Jinxiang Garlic Market Morning Brief

  • Supply Situation: The supply of garlic in the Jinxiang region remains on the higher side as usual.

  • Seller Activity: Old garlic sellers are showing a high level of eagerness to sell, and a small number of new garlic supplies have also emerged in the production area.

  • Price Stance: Sellers are somewhat firm on their price bottom lines.

  • Market Demand: Demand is centered around immediate needs, with buyers showing tentative behavior in pressing for lower prices.

  • Market Warmth: The garlic market is not very active this morning, with much of the buying and selling happening amidst a wait-and-see attitude.

  • Price Fluctuations: Mainstream prices are showing no significant changes, maintaining a stable trend.

  • Pricing (yuan/kg):

    • Mixed grade old garlic in storage: 5.36 - 6.50 yuan/kg

    • General mixed grade garlic in storage: 7.00 - 7.24 yuan/kg

    • Garlic granules: 5.60 - 6.00 yuan/kg


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