Price Information of Jinxiang Garlic on Jan.11th 2024
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Price Information of Jinxiang Garlic on Jan.11th 2024

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Price Information of Jinxiang Garlic on Jan.11th

Jinxiang Produce Area Morning Garlic Market Report

Current Market Dynamics:

  • The garlic market is exhibiting minimal fluctuations at the moment.

Supply Overview:

  • There is a relatively relaxed supply of goods from the production area.

  • Storage merchants are frequently insisting on a price floor when selling.

Demand Situation:

  • The market demand is not vigorous.

  • Buyers, including those involved in peeling and market distribution, are moderately following up on lower-priced sources.

Market Atmosphere:

  • The trading environment is quite tepid, with few concrete transactions being finalized.

Price Stability:

  • The mainstream prices remain essentially stable.

Price Range in Cold Storage:

  • Aged Garlic (Mixed Grades): 2.86-3.40 yuan/jin, equivalent to approximately 5.72-6.80 yuan/kg.

  • Regular Mixed Grades: 3.62-3.75 yuan/jin, or roughly 7.24-7.50 yuan/kg.

  • Granulated Garlic Material: 2.90-3.06 yuan/jin, which translates to about 5.80-6.12 yuan/kg.

(Note: Prices have been converted to yuan per kilogram for international comprehension and consistency with previous responses.)


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