• Low Demand Of Italy And Europe For Chinese Garlic
    In the EU, garlic imports are subject to quota restrictions. However, since the entry into force of the “Community Ordinance”, it has never been imported below the “Regulations”. “A large amount of garlic imported from China has always occupied the EU market.After the Spring Fest
  • Garlic Export Prices Fallen In The Past Week
    At present, the stock of garlic is about 1.4 million tons. There is no doubt that the stock garlic can not be fully absorbed by the market before the new garlic comes down. However, as the cold storage settlement date approached, most of the storage companies tried to clear as mu
  • Next Onion Production Season Beginning In China
    The new onion production season of 2019 is about to begin in most onion production areas throughout China. In our estimate the overall production volume of 2019 will remain on the same level as 2018. The size of onions will also maintain the same overall line. This is mainly beca
  • Garlic Export Market Affected By The Output Of Major Producing Countries
    At present, China's garlic stocks are about 1.5 million tons. A new round of garlic harvest in northern China will kick off in May. The market supply period will begin in June. It is expected that the stock of old garlic will be still about 800,000 tons remaining. How wi
  • Chinese Garlic Price Rapidly Rising
    The price of garlic increased more rapidly in March and the price increased by 0.7 yuan [0.11 USD] per 0.5 kg between March 1st and 6th. The garlic currently on the market that is getting more and more expensive is the garlic that entered storage between June and August last

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