Shandong Garlic Market: High Garlic Prices


Last week, the price of garlic fluctuated, and the average price dropped slightly compared with last week. Last week, Jinxiang early-ripening garlic was also listed, late-wheat garlic was being harvested, and the volume of fresh garlic was gradually increased. Fresh garlic is not the only choice. However, early-maturing garlic is a fresh garlic and can not completely replace fresh garlic.

Now it is a cross-listing period. According to the recent export processing contract, the domestic garlic market is purchased together with fresh garlic and fresh garlic. The purchaser purchases fresh garlic is not active, the purchase volume is reduced, the storage seller sells positively, but the good quality garlic price insists. The volume of sales of fresh-keeping garlic in the domestic market has declined, and the price has dropped slightly. At the same time, the volume of fresh garlic in some domestic markets is greater than the volume of fresh garlic, fresh garlic will gradually replace the fresh garlic, and the sales of fresh garlic will further decline.


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