Fresh Ginger Gradually Enters Chinese Market With Stable Price

Some fresh ginger production areas have recently begun to supply the Chinese market. This year's overall production volume expanded by 10%-15% in comparison with last year. Some production areas suffered from extreme weather conditions last year, especially excessive rainfall, and the product quality of fresh ginger this year suffered as a result of that development. Still, the overall quality is alright.


Fresh ginger

Preserved ginger from last season is still available on the market, but its influence on the price of fresh ginger is limited. The market conditions are stable. The price fluctuations remain within regular limits. The demand from overseas markets is not large, but this has nothing to do with the volume of ginger in their warehouses.

Fresh ginger

We purchase our fresh ginger directly from farmers. We then select the ginger based on product quality. We sell and store ginger. The harvest season begins every year in October and processing begins in middle to late December. Fresh ginger from northeast China enters the market a bit earlier in September. We currently export fresh ginger to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

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